Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Airline to Cater to Pets

Companion Air, an airline intended to provide low-stress travel for pets and people, will soon begin operating in the United States.

Individuals flying in Companion Air's specially configured planes will be seated in the front, and their companion animals will be placed in a kennel area in the rear. Once flights are underway, individuals will be permitted to visit with their pets if there is no turbulence.

Some of the major airlines allow small pets to travel in the cabin, but larger and/or unaccompanied ones are usually placed in the cargo hold.

Animals in holds often experience stress caused by extreme heat or cold, noise and/or limited oxygen during flights. In addition, animals sometimes are injured or killed while being loaded into or unloaded from holds.

"Stress-free travel for pets and owners is our mission," said Rick Roof, who founded Companion Air with his wife Diana. "We don't think any pet should be considered cargo."
Companion Air plans to keep its fares competitive with those of other airlines and minimize waiting times by making use of smaller planes and airports.

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