Saturday, 14 May 2011

Unsung Hero Rescues 20 Pets From Flood

A 'random act of kindness' during a flood on July 21 saved the lives of 20 pets living at the Versailles Condominium Complex in Hudson, Ohio.
Local veterinary technician Diane Jamieson organized a rescue effort by calling the Hudson Police Department to gain access to the complex, and the owner of the Chalet, a local pet boarding and grooming facility.
Chalet owner Susan Orth agreed to help by housing the displaced animals and lent Ms. Jamieson a pole and some gloves to use in the rescue effort.
Jamieson pestered the police from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 p.m. that day, when police sergeant Rob Walker escorted her into the building to search for animals trapped inside.
In the interim, she went to the local high school, where evacuees from the condominium complex were taken, to obtain a list of pets.
During the next seven hours, Jamieson rescued pets from remote hiding spots such as piles of debris and the springs under sofas and mattresses. She made three drop-offs to the Chalet that evening by nine o'clock.
One particularly brave cat, a white female named Lily, remained fearless throughout the entire rescue operation. She greeted  Jamieson by rubbing against her ankles and purring, and when asked, went into her carrier without a struggle.
Hudson police Sgt. John E. Lowman said Jamieson was the flood's only creature guardian angel.
"We were thankful. You can plan for only so much," he said. "We didn't expect for three apartment buildings to become uninhabitable. A lot of elderly people live there, and that's all they had were their animals. She's an unsung hero."

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